Jordan Weisenauer is an artist in Nashville, TN. Focusing on acrylics, his paintings are created using a palate of colors that provide a broad variety of techniques from which to create. Throughout the many styles of his work, the theme of storytelling, and an

interest and concern in contemporary issues are important, His extensive portfolio consists of portraits, landscapes, murals, still life and themed murals. Artists that have influenced his work are Rembrandt, John Singer Sargent and Banksy. Most of his work could be described as representational but also frequently blurs the lines to a point of abstractions. Recently, Jordan has started using impasto-like 

textures to create an almost three-dimensional depth and sculptural quality to his work.


Jordan graduated with honors and recognitions with a BFA in Painting from the

University of North Alabama. For two years, he operated a local gallery and studio

exhibiting his and other local artists’ work. Additionally, he has worked on and continues to receive commissions from patrons.