Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting                                                                                                                                             2013

University Of North Alabama            



Eclipse Series - " J. Holt Brentwood Library" - Brentwood, TN. September                                                                2019     

Son of a Farmer– “27th Annual Auction Huntsville Museum” –                                                                                   2018

            Huntsville, AL. March                       

Charlie– “Chromatics” – Fogg St., Nashville, TN. October 17- February 18                                                                 2017    

Raw Arts Event – “City Winery” – Nashville, TN                                                                                                                     2016

Displayed body of work – “West of Knoll, Gallery & Studio” – 7650                                                                            2015  

           Nolensville Rd., Arrington, TN. November 2015 – 2018

Six paintings –“Dixie Folks Gallery” –Pulaski, TN. August – November                                                                       2014

Eight paintings - “Indie Spaces” – Court St., Florence, AL. March                                                                                 2013

            – December

Dark Side of the Moon– “Café 106” – Court St., Florence, AL. June – July

Ten paintings – “Pegasus Records” –Florence Blvd., Florence, AL. April

Kate, Unfinished Series – “Rogers and Rogers Institute” – Court St., Florence, AL

            August – October


Triune: A Hidden Artist Enclave in Williamson County,                                                                                                2017

            “Tennessean Magazine”. September Issue

Jordan Weisenauer, “Validity Magazine”- October Issue                                                                                                 2014

University of North Alabama Commission (10.x 33 ft.) Heart of Florence,                                                             2013

            for UNA’s Main Room, Florence AL

Dean’s List -Spring and Summer

Research Day University of North Alabama, speech and presentation on work titled –

Liberty Leading the Majority

Best in Show - Family Portrait, “Lights and Shadows” University Art Gallery, UNA

Art Faculty Award -Liberty Leading the Majority, “Lights and Shadows” University

            Art Gallery, UNA

Merit Award - Liberty Leading the Majority“Lights and Shadows” University Art

            Gallery, UNA

Endowed Scholarship

Flor-Ala UNA Newspaper Art Department Winners’ Feature – Week of 9/17/2013

Dean’s List -Fall, Spring and Summer                                                                                                                                         2012    

BFA in Painting

Art Patron’s Scholarship

First Place in “Lights and Shadows” Competition, Nucky



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